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Yoga and Kriya Paperback Book

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Best Book on Yoga & Meditation This book is the most wonderful book on Yoga & meditation I have yet read. It is no cut & paste job, but a comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of Yoga and meditation as originally envisaged by the sages. Not the modern day yoga books which deal only with health issues. This is a book wherein all effort is made for the practitioner to achieve enlightenment through these ancient practices. Health benefits too are discussed side by side. I have already purchased three copies for myself and my friends and have recommended to others also. This book should be used as a course material and the --DEEPAK GUPTA May 18, 2012

I was looking for an authentic and comprehensive introduction to yoga, to use at home (in order to save money and time), and only later supplement with the aid of a teacher/course. I had no preview of this book available, but when I got it I immediately realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. It's organized in progressive lessons, each with its own set of asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques and Indian philosophy explained. It certainly gives an insight into yoga as a totalizing discipline, far beyond the anti-stress gymnastics that is usually marketed as yoga in the West. For anyone who wants to understand more of the amazing world of yoga, this is THE book! --By Diego Ferioli on 21 Nov. 2010

This book contains a very detailed and thorough account of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and kriya and the philosophy and history of yoga. I would really recommend it for anyone who is looking to develop their yoga practice in a systematic way. The book takes the form of a course which starts from the very beginning opening up the body slowly and in a balanced way and introduces new aspects to the practice in a manageable and structured manner. It takes you from the beginning all the way through to the advanced practices of pranayama and then kriya. There are practice plans in each section, so you can be sure to balance your asanas and these are developed over the course of the book. If you practice according to their instructions you will get a very nice experience of how this type of yoga develops. --By Homeland on 2 Nov. 2012

About the Author

Swami Satyananda Saraswati was born in 1923 in Almora, Uttar Pradesh. Swami Satyananda has evolved a distinct style of yoga during the two decades following 1960. During the same period he has travelled extensively through diverse nations to disseminate his knowledge and teachings. While he was travelling, he conducted scrupulous medical and scientific research pertaining to the advantages and varied applications of yoga. All these research later served as a treasure trove of information for composing eighty books on yoga, tantra and spirituality. In 1984 Swamiji established Sivananda Math, a charitable institution for supporting rural betterment, and the Yoga Research Foundation. The spiritual master founded the International Yoga Fellowship in 1956 and the Bihar School of Yoga in 1963. Swamiji has followed a demystified style of writing which decrypts the inestimable wonders of yoga for the common man. On 5th December 2009, Swami unshackled all the worldly bonds and departed for his journey to the heavenly abode.

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Yoga and Kriya Paperback Book

Yoga and Kriya Paperback Book

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